Twitter:  @    octo23tech

Twitter: @octo23tech

With the social platforms and technologies of the 21st century, more and more individuals are able to participate in scientific research and activities. In ocean conservation, these “Citizen Scientists”, including divers and snorkelers, can help to monitor the health of our oceans.
— Jordan McRae, on his TEDxWanChai talk titled 'The Crucial Role of Citizen Scientists in Ocean Conservation'
Jordan McRae, CEO and Founder of OCTO23 Technologies, develops systems to solve major challenges in ocean conservation and climate change mitigation.

Jordan began his career with Lockheed Martin Space Systems as an algorithms engineer on a distributed space robotics platform. Shortly after, he created OCTO23 Technologies, an invention firm based in San Francisco and Hong Kong focusing on clean energy and ocean conservation technologies. Since 2008, OCTO23 has developed multiple spin-off technologies and companies such as a modular non-turbine wind energy generator and the B-Squares modular electronic platform, which was one of Kickstarter's top 10 funded projects in 2012. Currently Jordan is developing OCTOtalk, a technology for underwater wireless communication and Citizen Science platform for crowdsourced ocean monitoring.

Jordan received his B.S. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his M.S. at Stanford University, both in the field of Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering with a focus on Robotics.