Parisian with Cameroonian origins, Nelly is passionate about the creative arts and has devoted herself to promoting African heritage through the development of African creativity and arts internationally. In 2014, she launched moon-look.com, an online concept store promoting #MadeinAfrica fashion & accessories, and has since embarked on roadshows to promote African luxury and fashion, creating business opportunities for brands out of the continent. In March 2017, Nelly opened her first gallery on the Faubourg Saint-Honoré - Paris golden triangle, offering the finest products and artwork from Africa and the global African diaspora, to the rest of the world. The concept of the store offers an immersive gallery promoting creativity across the fields of art, design, fashion and lifestyle.

Nelly holds a Master’s degree in International trade and an MBA in Luxury Management from Paris School of Business, and has worked with some of the most prestigious international brands in watchmaking and high jewellery. Through her travels, she has already sourced closely to 30 creative brands and artists, despite having only just started her journey.