The ‘Pay It Forward’ registration offers our community a way to give back to those that are often marginalised. 

We are very excited about a new initiative for TEDxWanChai 2018 that offers our members a way to give back to those that are often marginalised in our broader community. This year, we have partnered with two charitable organisations doing incredible work for various segments of the Hong Kong population.

Our 'Pay It Forward' partners include:

  1. The Women's Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong
  2. KELY Support Group, a non-governmental bilingual organisation in Hong Kong which works towards the prevention and intervention of drug and alcohol abuse among youths in Hong Kong, as well as support for the ethnic minority community.

How does the Pay It Forward initiative work?

Pay It Forward Ticket Price (HK $1,190)

This year we have a new registration option called the Pay It Forward ticket. Those who select the Pay It Forward ticket will get a general admission registration for themselves (valued at HK $595) while also providing a general admission registration to someone in the community chosen by our non-profit partners - The Women's Foundation (TWF) and KELY Support Group.

Both organisations will then ensure that your generosity is directed to someone in need.

To learn more about the vital work that our partners are doing, check them out at their respective websites: 

  1. The Women's Foundation
  2. KELY Support Group

Register today to book your spot at TEDxWanChai 2018.