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Founded in 2014, Scelus Quartet features players from Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong, coming together to create a unique, unified sound – a reflection on the diversity of the Chinese People. Written for string quartet and two Cantonese opera singers, ‘To Seed’ was rewritten out of passages and motifs from the famous Cantonese opera ‘The legend of Purple Hairpin’. Through it, Scelus Quartet challenges the baseline of the arts while tracing back to the root of tradition. The idea is not to bind the east and west artistically, nor to seek alternatives on music composition, but rather to provoke reflection about the true nature of ‘culture’ and ‘art’ – in other words, “to seed a seed of reflection”.

Scelus Quartet: 

Nina Wong Sin I, Martin Kuo Tzu Ming, Du Juan, & Calvin Wong Tai Shing

Cantonese opera singers: 

Ng Wing Lam & Kong Chun Kit

Composer (conductor): 

Kam Shing Hei