Douglas MacLagan

Child Welfare                     

An inspiring and emotive story about a Scotsman who hikes through Nepal and is struck by the poverty and lack of education in the Western region amongst the Tamang and Gurung communities – a region where many young lads are recruited to become British and Indian Gurkha soldiers. Douglas focus was initially on primary health accessibility – due to many thousands of children perishing below the age of 5. He returns to set up Education Programs and shelters for at-risk children.


Freddy Law


An energetic and compelling story of this young man's social enterprise in China, India and Europe. Freddy's story titled "Googler to Social Entrepreneur", covers delivering Youth and Leadership Development, Goal Setting and Global Perspectives for high-achieving students from different ethnic backgrounds.


Darius Yuen

SOW Asia                            

A fascinating and informative quest of an investment banker that is faced with the question – how much is enough and what next? We learn of his own pursuit of charitable giving, including the set up of SOW Asia ‘Investing in Humanity’.

Doug Woodring

Ocean Recovery Alliance

A fascinating and informative description of one man’s voyage to clean up the oceans and his discovery that plastic is the heart of the matter – on a global basis.

Ted Kwan

Fullness Salon                   

A motivating and inspiring story about a group of compassionate people that try to give reformed drug abusers a new start in life through a Social Enterprise in Hong Kong. This looks at helping these troubled people, one at a time, and then scaling up the model.

Jocelyn Sandstrom

master of ceremony              

After a life-altering trip through beautiful Nepal, Jocelyn Luko and Anthony Sandstrom were highly inspired by the kindness of their trek guide Santosh Koirala and his dream to open a school for underprivileged children, having experienced the struggles to achieve education himself. Through the resources and compassionate collaborations of The Child Welfare Scheme and MFN, they proudly announced the opening of the Moonlight Foundation of Nepal school for underprivileged children in Kathmandu in September 2009.