Scott Neeson

Cambodian Children’s Fund, Cambodia                                 

An inspirational and informative story of an ex-President of 20th Century Fox International, that took a mini-sabbatical through Asia, when a two-day stop-over in Phnom Penh became a four week mission that started him on the path to establishing the Cambodian Children's Fund. The rest as they say, is history.


Carrie Tang

DESIGN FOR CHANGE, HONG KONG                                      

A Hong Kong girls perspective…within Hong Kong's ordinary education system. This delightful and contemporary review of a youthful Hong Kong Citizen that seeks her own purpose and reason in life. This wonderful account living in Hong Kong presents us with many questions about ourselves – what is it all about? In her own words “ I realize that dreammakers can be everyone, and it is amazing that even kids can be dreammakers if we find the way to ignite their hope and passion. I decide to infect and empower every youth to stop looking at how others want them to be and to just be the source to make a better world.”


Bertha Lo

HONG KONG SHARK FOUNDATION                            

A challenging and passionate account of an ocean conversationalist and her reconciliation with herself and the struggles she faces. In doing so, Bertha sheds light on the problems sharks are facing and what the general public think about sharks.

Rob Lilwall


A grueling and sometime comical trip undertaken for personal development and to assist the charity, viva. Rob completed an intrepid journey “Cycling Home from Siberia” in 2004 and since then has looked for bigger challenges. Now, after 5,000 km, and more than 5 million steps each, Rob and his travel partner Leon, have finished their epic walk from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, back to Rob’s home in Hong Kong and into two new careers…

Robin Hwang

Foodlink, Hong Kong                                                           

A topical and enlightening story of a family's quest to mitigate hunger and fight poverty while reducing food wastage in Hong Kong. Founded in 2001 and registered in 2010, Foodlink collects safe-to-eat surplus food from participating hotels and F&B outlets and delivers the food to those in need, thereby generating a sustainable food-recycling system.

Richard Brubaker

COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY                                                  

A practical and inspiring story of a young Adjunct Sustainability Professor, consultant and social entrepreneur. His Talk outlines the simple principle that before change can happen, and impact felt, someone must take a step forward, extend a hand, take the chance. For Rich Brubaker, taking his first steps past shouldn't, couldn’t and wouldn't seemed natural. They were the "opportunity" to have an impact when others wouldn't. And over time, whether it is a manager, mentor, or adviser to others, it is often about taking the first step. From awareness to action. From engagement to impact. A step forward...a single step forward.


Jocelyn Sandstrom

master of ceremony                                                              

After a life-altering trip through beautiful Nepal, Jocelyn Luko and Anthony Sandstrom were highly inspired by the kindness of their trek guide Santosh Koirala and his dream to open a school for underprivileged children, having experienced the struggles to achieve education himself. Through the resources and compassionate collaborations of The Child Welfare Scheme and MFN, they proudly announced the opening of the Moonlight Foundation of Nepal school for underprivileged children in Kathmandu in September 2009.