Bloomberg Television Anchor

Traditionally filial piety has preferred men over women and when Angie Lau was born as the first child, from the first son of a first son, her arrival came as a shock. Lau talks about how she was able to overcome racial and gender bias through self-determination and the support of her loving parents, with the message ‘I stand before you today as living proof that you can create your own journey’


Former Chief Secretary, HKSAR Government

Drawing on half a decade spent in public service and politics, Anson Chan shares the many challenges and lessons learned highlighting that success doesn't require women to become more like a man but to be themselves without giving up assertiveness.


Anti-Slavery Activist

Archana Kotecha's journey in the counter-trafficking world led her to face uncomfortable truths and think about ways in which we can make a difference. There are multiple intersections between modern day life and slavery in its different manifestations - from the food we eat, the clothes and jewellery we wear to the smartphones we use that are so indispensable, the taints of slavery are multiple but its awareness is little.


Swing Dance Troupe                

A fun, lively and toe-tapping primer on Swing Dancing! A form of dance associated mainly with the swinging style of jazz music from the 1920s-40s, Swing comprises many jazz roots dances including Lindy hop, Charleston, Balboa and Breakaway. It is a free, improvised dance with an emphasis on music, rhythm and groove.



Photographer & Cultural Anthropologist

Standards of beauty are deeply personal and entangled in dynamics of society and power. Jo Farrell looks at the way in which standards of beauty change between cultures. She highlights the different ways in which people modify themselves in order to appear beautiful and how both empowerment and prejudice are entangled in how we perceive beauty.



As an artist and performer, Kate March discusses the importance of grey areas in her life, the unknown and indefinable. Championing instincts and emotions, March urges people to embrace the fluidity and unexpected aspects of life in order to allow ourselves to grow as individuals.


Explorer and Wildlife Conservationist

Often considered a concrete jungle, Hong Kong was once a tropical paradise for many flora and fauna. Growing up in the densely populated city, Laurel Chor often yearned to be somewhere else, where the diversity of wildlife flourished.


Director, Google

Growing up, Leonie Valentine never considered computing an option as a young woman, instead finding herself in sales and marketing roles before joining a friend's start-up. She asks how we can level the playing field and inspire more women to enter, and succeed in, the tech industry and computing - where women are underrepresented by a factor of 4 to 1.


Serial Entrepreneur & Culinary Innovato               

Entrepreneurs are widely celebrated, especially in Hong Kong, but Lori Granito remembers the days when the term was synonymous with failure. However, she argues that being able to embrace failure led to her successes as a female entrepreneur and urges more women to do the same.


Human Trafficking ExperT

Human trafficking is a global concern affecting millions of people. Many have horrific tales, whilst others may never get the chance to speak out. After encountering first-hand trafficked victims on the streets of Nepal as a public health officer, Matt Friedman dedicated the next 25 years to anti-trafficking activism and fundraising.

Meaghan McGurgan

Art Critic + Creative DirectoR

Supporting local and sustainable options is championed in many areas of commerce but rarely in art. Highlighting Hong Kong's often overlooked local art scene, Meaghan McGurgan explores the importance of investing in local artistic communities. International art shows attract great attention and commerce, yet there is still a place for homegrown theatre companies, artists and musicians to flourish and prosper.


POETS SOCIETY                         

Henrik Hoeg is the current emcee of Peel Street Poetry, Hong Kong's premier weekly open mic for poetry. He has been involved with the local poetry scene for about 3 years. He is also a frequent participant in the Poetry OutLoud group. By day he works as a literacy specialist, teaching dyslexic children reading and writing.



A member of the Peel Street Poets, Akin Jeje is a Canadian poet living in Hong Kong. An active poet and spoken-word performer, Jeje's works have been published and featured in both Canada and Hong Kong. Jeje's first work, Dreaming of The Sands was published in Canada in 1999.



A member of the Peel Street Poets, Rama Kulkarni is a third culture kid who was born in India, and had the privilege of growing up in the dynamic city of Hong Kong. She is currently a student of Comparative Literature and Sociology at The University of Hong Kong, and particularly passionate about feminism, plastic pollution, and animal rights.



A member of the Peel Street Poets, Vishal Nanda spends a great deal of time creating fiction. Here he delivers an original composition urging us to 'get back up'. Nanda has won a pacific coffee gift card for his slam poetry, on the subjects of oceans and fatherhood, which he keeps unspent next to several other trinkets he has accumulated over the years.



Increasingly the media has pressurized women to fit what it defines as social norms. Su-Mei Thompson talks about how the obsession of image has begun to affect younger and younger women, who face increasing societal pressures as they grow up.


Experimental Sound Artist   

Defining oneself in the modern era can be problematic. The Anello use their creativity to avoid the stereotypes of prejudice saying, "our birth place, family background, sexual preference, cultural influences, societal expectations and even favorite ice cream flavor, do not define who we are." The Anello is an innovative musical duo fusing indie, electronic and R&B.

Valérie Inertie

Circus Artist and Cyr-Wheel Dance Pioneer

As the first female Cyr Wheel soloist in 2005, Valerie Inertie brought this new circus apparatus to the forefront in many leading European circuses. On May 31st, 2015, she brought her talents and amazing act to the Hong Kong Arts Center stage, wowing the audience with a spectacular performance, before sharing her experiences, career inspiration and insights with TEDxWanChaiWomen emcee Emma Reynolds.


Surgical Roboticist

Carol Reiley became fascinated with robotics at an early age and found that working with machines taught her more about humans themselves. However, working in the field she found that a disproportionately small amount (only 12%) of engineers were female.