On May 20th, over 200 people gathered for our first event of 2017 - a small, intimate TEDxWanChaiSalon event, to address the question - Art: Who Cares?

Hong Kong’s dominance as an international art capital is undeniable. With the March madness of the Art Month which brings the likes of the biggest and most well-known art fairs, exhibitions and players to our town, the city becomes entrenched in a busy calendar of social events and in mingling with the whos-who of these affairs. But art exists in many different forms, from visual arts to performing arts, from education and learning to activism and self-expression. The strength and culture of an entire nation or civilisation rests upon how rich its art is, and how people utilise and perceive it.

At the salon, three live speakers - an arts therapist & researcher, an art activist & urbanist, and a self-professed non-artist and creative - offered their unique perspectives on how art shapes and changes our everyday lives, often in unlikely ways. They were accompanied on stage by an artist with a robot that likes to paint, a poet urging us to create - in any way, shape or form - and a singer, who’s vocal range left shivers down our spines.